India – a beef superpower

Former director of Paraway Pastoral Company, Tim Hornibrook noted that the global beef export market is relatively concentrated. Australia, Brazil, India, and the USA account for close to 70% of total exports. Although, Tim Hornibrook said that there has been changes amongst the top exporters. The most notable of which are the disappearance of Argentina from amongst the top exporters and the emergence of India. Tim Hornibrook said India has almost doubled its share of global exports over the past five years and now holds 20% of the market. Indian beef typically trades at a discount to conventional beef exports as it is a by-product of the buffalo dairy sector. Tim Hornibrook said that India’s buffalo beef exports are driven by growth in the Indian dairy sector – which is heavily subsidised by the government – and low domestic consumption due to religious or cultural beliefs. The main export destinations are South East Asia (SEA) and the MENA region as Tim Hornibrook said many other markets have import restrictions on Indian beef due to Foot and Mouth Disease issues within Indian and the country’s inability to meet the required health safety and quality standards. Tim Hornibrook expects that India will continue to grow its exports of buffalo meat as it continues to expand its dairy sector. The major challenge for the sector is to modernise in order to meet the quality and health safety requirements of the global market.


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