Laksa – A Malaysian Dish Gaining Popularity beyond Southeast Asia

Tim Hornibrook resides in Sydney, Australia, and enjoys traveling the world. Having visited all but one continent, Tim Hornibrook has tried numerous types of cuisine. His favorites are Thai and Malaysian.

Malaysian cuisine boasts vibrant flavors derived from ingredients like chili pepper, coconut, and tamarind. Among the top-rated dishes to try, according to CNN correspondents, is the soup called laksa. A culinary treat often obtainable through street vendors across Malaysia, laksa now appears in cities throughout China and Singapore, as well as others outside of Southeast Asia.

Laksa has many variations, which make it pleasing to all types of palates. In one of its most popular forms, laksa is prepared with coconut milk and curry paste, which add spice and heat to the basic chicken broth. Rice noodles simmered with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves round out the dish. Depending on preference, the soup can be topped with fish or shellfish as well as hard-boiled eggs and bean curd puffs.


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