Nutrition Tips for Rugby Players

From North America to Asia, Tim Hornibrook has visited every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Tim Hornibrook now resides in Sydney, Australia, where he enjoys following rugby, a sport he played competitively when growing up and during much of the early stages of his career.

When playing for rugby, building a solid nutrition regimen is essential for maintaining energy during training and competition. The sport itself is taxing on the body, as it involves a great amount of endurance and bodily contact when tackling and/or taking hits.

To ensure that they properly nourish their bodies for peak performance in a game, rugby players should consume a hearty breakfast and stay well hydrated before taking the field. Three hours before kickoff, a small meal comprised of pasta, cereal, or another high-glycemic food will help sustain energy throughout a match. It is equally important to fuel the body following a match. Consuming a meal packed with protein and carbohydrates replenishes the body and boosts the recovery of weary joints and muscles. The addition of salt also deters cramping.


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