The Energetic Sport of Australian Rules Football

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook’s career has centered on creating opportunities in the agricultural sector. Formerly a director with Paraway Pastoral Company, Ltd., Tim Hornibrook has become a recent convert to Australian rules football as a result of his son’s participation in the sport.

The most-attended sport in its native land, Australian football’s popularity can be attributed to vigorous and fast play, as well as high scoring.

Most scoring occurs when a player kicks the ball through the opponents’ goal post. The field has two main and two secondary goal posts lined up in a row; the two inside posts are the main posts. Kicks through the main posts count for six points and those through the secondary posts count for one point.

Each team fields 18 players. Play is divided into four 20-minute quarters, and games can end in a draw or a tie-breakers.

Handballing is the only way to pass the ball. With this method, the ball is placed in one palm and struck with the butt of the other fist. Kicking and running are ways to move the passed ball; running players must occasionally bounce the ball or touch the ground with it. Throwing is not permitted.

Unique to the sport is marking, in which a player catches a kicked ball that has not bounced. Marking also occurs when the ball has traveled at least ten meters or has been caught without being touched in the air. Marked players can not be tackled while they possess the ball. Tackling can occur in other situations as a means of taking the ball.


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