About Australian Football

With more than a decade of investment experience, Tim Hornibrook has a passion for sports. A former junior rugby player, Tim Hornibrook played football at Tulane University. He now enjoys watching his sons play Australian football for the Sydney, Australia, Moore Park Tigers, a team that his wife manages.

Australian football has history dating as far back as 1857, when Tom Wills, one of the sport’s founders, promoted football as a way for cricket players to stay physically fit during winter months. Alongside three cousins, Mr. Wills established the Melbourne Football Club in 1858. Soon after, the Geelong Football Club and Victorian Football League formulated. In the 1990s, the league would rebrand itself to the Australian Football League, which today caters to 18 clubs.

Also called footy, Australian football holds matches between two teams of 18. Athletes play on a modified cricket field and can use a combination of handballing, kicking, and running to advance the ball up the field. Players score points by kicking the ball through two goal posts. Players cannot hold the ball nor can they throw the ball. While in possession, a footballer must remember to touch the ball to the ground or bounce the ball periodically to stay compliant with the rules. The team with the highest score at the end of the match defeats their opponent. If a tie occurs at the end of the regulation period, a tie-breaker may be used to determine a winner, or a draw may be agreed upon.


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