Increased Water Scarcity as Urban Areas Expand

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook is a accomplished financial executive . Tim Hornibrook has extensive experience in agricultural investment and has a particular interest in water as a resource.

The forecast from the United Nations regarding water resources is grim, with the demand for fresh water expected to far outstrip supply over the next two decades. With water scarcity already affecting some 40 percent of humans around the globe, urbanization and population growth are exacerbating the situation.

Water is a local resource that is expensive to transport. The drying up of rivers such as the Yangtze, the Ganges, and the Nile, and the shrinking of such larger bodies of water as the Aral Sea pose an immediate problem. In a number of population centers in the developing and developed world, the problem is so acute that water transfer alternatives are being explored. Food that was once produced regionally, using local water resources, must now be imported because of the lack of water for irrigation. This has a number of economic repercussions and impacts the way the agricultural industry is organized.


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