Best Thai Dishes

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook has extensive experience in the fields of financial services and agriculture. When he’s not working, Tim Hornibrook enjoys indulging in various cuisines, including Thai food.

Sydney is home to the world’s second official Thai Town, denoted by the government in 2013 via the installation of street signs at the corners of Pitt and Campbell, George and Campbell, and Pitt and Goulburn Streets. Almost one quarter of Sydney restaurants listed in the Australian Restaurant Directory are classified as Thai eateries. Additionally, many other restaurants include classic Thai or Thai-inspired fusion dishes on their menus. Several classic Thai dishes are described below.

1. Phat Thai: This thin rice noodle stir fry was invented in the 1930s and includes eggs, tofu, and shrimp and is seasoned with fish sauce, dried chili, and tamarind.

2. Tom Yam: This is a clear herb-infused broth, and the shrimp version, called tom yam goong, is one of the most recognizable and most loved forms of the soup.

3. Laap: A more rustic dish, laap is a minced meat dish seasoned with rice powder, herbs, lime juice, and fish sauce and best eaten with sticky rice.


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