Australian Rules Football Scoring

Tim Hornibrook has had a long career in the global management of agricultural assets and was formerly as a director of Paraway Pastoral Company, which invests in Australian cattle and sheep production. A resident of Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook makes time to watch his sons play Australian rules football.

Also known as footy and Aussie rules, Australian rules football is a contact sport that dates back to 1858, when the official rules were instated and the first reported game between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College occurred. The sport has a strong following in the Australian Capital Territory.

Players gather on an oval-shaped field marked with a white line. At the furthest ends of the field are four goal posts that players kick a ball through to score points. Each side has two tall goal posts and two smaller behind posts lined up in a row. A clean kick of the ball through the two larger goal posts on the opponent’s side, without the ball touching the posts, garners six points, while a ball kicked between a goal and behind post awards one point. A ball that hits a goal post is also considered a behind score, which amounts to one point. Behind scores are also given to balls carried through goal posts and ones kicked or forced over the scoring line and between the goal and behind posts.


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