Ski and Snowboard Trail Signs

Snow and Ski Signs pic

SnowBoard and Ski Signs

Tim Hornibrook of Sydney, Australia, is an experienced business leader who has spent the last 15 years working in the financial services industry. Beyond his work in finance and agriculture, Tim Hornibrook enjoys staying active through snowboarding.

Mountains and ski resorts throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand use trail signs in certain colors and shapes to alert skiers and snowboarders about the level of difficulty of different trails. For example, a mountain’s least-challenging runs are marked with a green circle. Slope gradients for green-circle trails generally do not exceed 25 percent and may be as low as 6 percent. Additionally, green-circle trails are often wide and easy for resorts to keep in good condition.

Intermediate trails, meanwhile, are marked with blue squares. These intermediate trails can reach slope gradients of 40 percent. Although blue-square trails may be slightly more difficult to groom compared to green-circle trails, they are usually the most extensively used runs and make up the majority of trails at a typical resort.

Finally, trails marked with a black diamond should only be attempted by skiers and snowboarders with advanced skills. These exceptionally steep trails are often found in more remote locations on a mountain, making them harder to maintain and adding to their challenge. Some mountains use a double-black-diamond trail sign to mark runs reserved for the world’s most accomplished skiers and boarders.


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