Comparing Substitution Rules in Rugby and Football

Substitution Rules pic

Substitution Rules

Tim Hornibrook, an experienced Sydney, Australia, business leader, studied psychology at Tulane University on a football scholarship. In the past, Tim Hornibrook has played rugby at the junior national level.

The games of rugby and American football share a number of similarities. However, the two sports differ in many ways, such as how substitutions are handled during a game. Over the course of an 80-minute rugby match, teams are permitted only seven substitutions. Additional substitutions may be allowed due to injury, while players forced from the field due to penalties and other infractions may not be replaced, resulting in one team playing a man down.

The National Football League, on the other hand, allows teams an unlimited number of substitutions throughout a 60-minute contest. Furthermore, an American football team is never forced to play one man down against an opponent. In the event that a player is ejected from play due to a violation, coaches can immediately insert a new player to take his place.


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