New Technology Aims to Grow Australia’s Agriculture Industry

Sprout, a Digital Agriculture Service pic

Sprout, a Digital Agriculture Service

As the former executive with an agricultural funds management firm in Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook possesses extensive experience in the study of the agriculture industry. An authority in his field, Tim Hornibrook has spoken at conferences and in media interviews about the viability of investing in the growing agriculture industry.

In December 2015, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled plans to increase innovation and encourage entrepreneurship in the Australian agriculture industry through a series of technological updates for farmers. Developments include an online platform called Sprout, a Digital Agriculture Service that collects and analyzes data, and an incubator geared toward agricultural startups.

Together, these updates are meant to modernize the profession of farming in the country. With the middle class in Asia continuing to expand, significantly more people are leaving behind the buying habits of the working class, and have more income to spend on a more varied set of products. The prime minister hopes that Australian entrepreneurs will see the economic opportunities in providing agricultural products to a market that will continue to grow. The new technology may encourage a greater interest in the profession and bring economic stability in Australia’s future.


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