A Brief Overview of Australian Rules Football

Australian Football pic

Australian Football
Image: gostudyinaustralia.wordpress.com

A financial professional in Australia, Tim Hornibrook most recently oversaw an agricultural funds management portfolio as the executive director of a Sydney-based firm. In his spare time, Tim Hornibrook enjoys watching his children play Australian rules football on a team his wife manages.

Created in Melbourne during the1850s, Australian rules football was founded to help cricket players stay physically fit during the off-season. Cricketer Thomas Wentworth Wills came up with the idea and presented it to the Melbourne Cricket Club, an organization that adopted the concept. The club formulated a committee to establish rules and founded the Melbourne and Geelong football clubs that competed against one another.

Australian rules football spread throughout colonies, drawing in many spectators. As a result, football clubs were founded in Brisbane, Adelaide, and West Coast. With the exception of the depression between 1893 and 1895, which caused a decline in game attendance, the sport has always been popular in Australia.

Today, the contact sport is governed by the Australian Football League, formerly the Victorian Football League. Teams are comprised of 18 players, who play on an oval field with goal posts and behind posts at either end. Players score points by successfully completing a free kick and making goals through the posts.


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