Fort Street High School Upholds Strong Traditions

New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales, Australia


Tim Hornibrook previously served as the president of the Fort Street Foundation at his high school. This was an important honor for Tim Hornibrook while he attended one of the oldest selective schools in New South Wales, Australia.

Fort Street High School and its Foundation were first founded in 1849, when the school was built as a Model School in 1849. Prior to being a school, the structure was originally an old military hospital built in 1815.

The school upholds the ideals of individualism, academic excellence, tolerance, multiculturalism, responsibility, and social and political awareness. It is based on the liberal philosophy of a broad educational curriculum. Its students have a strongly-ingrained sense of tradition, and they believe in the motto, Once a Fortian, always a Fortian.

The Fort Street High School was first designed as a model school for all others in the area. Today, it continues its co-educational traditions, with the 930 male and female students interacting as they learn to develop as leaders. Students are chosen from more than 100 Sydney suburbs. More than 600 of these students speak English as a second language, and come from 40 different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing the school’s diversity and Australia’s multiculturalism.


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