Malaysia’s Nyonya Cuisine

Malaysia's Nyonya Cuisine pic

Malaysia’s Nyonya Cuisine

Business executive Tim Hornibrook resides in Sydney, Australia and holds over 14 years of experience in financial services. Tim Hornibrook is an avid traveler and has set foot on all continents except Antarctica. During his travels, Mr. Hornibrook has sampled many cuisines and lists Malaysian cuisine as one of his favorites.

Malaysian cuisine can perhaps be best described as eclectic. It has the combined characteristics of Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and native Malay cuisines. A fusion of culinary traditions that has developed through the years is the Nyonya cuisine.

Nyonya cuisine blends together many attributes of native Malay and Chinese cooking and has been proven to be popular among Malaysians. One example of a Nyonya dish is Enche Kabin, a popular bar food. It is made up of bite-sized chicken pieces which are marinated in different spices including oyster sauce, scallions, and five-spice powder before being dipped in egg and flour mix and deep-fried.

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