The Fort Street Foundation

Fort Street Foundation pic

Fort Street Foundation

Tim Hornibrook, an agricultural specialist from Sydney, Australia, is the former executive director of an agricultural management fund group. In addition to his successful agricultural investment career, Tim Hornibrook served as the president of the Fort Street Foundation.

Based in Petersham, New South Wales, Australia, the Fort Street Foundation is connected to Fort Street High School, a private institution for students in grades 7-12 of which Mr. Hornibrook is an alumnus. Started in 1949 by alumni who were visiting the school for their 50th year anniversary, the Fort Street Foundation primarily serves as a vehicle for school fundraising.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of alumni and school representatives. With fundraising as its main focus, the Foundation focuses its efforts in three areas: a building fund, a library fund, and an education fund. In recent years, the Fort Street Foundation was able to use the funds to revamp the school’s science laboratory, set up an interactive exhibit dedicated to the high school’s rich history, and purchase equipment for the school’s computer lab.

To learn more about the Fort Street Foundation, visit


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