Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong pic

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Tim Hornibrook, a business professional specializing in agricultural investments, has traveled extensively and visited every continent except Antarctica. A resident of Sydney, Australia, Tim Hornibrook has even lived in various global locations, including the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city that features a unique blend of Chinese tradition with colonial Western culture. English is widely spoken in Hong Kong, so Western visitors can navigate it easily.

One of the premier attractions in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, the highest point on the island. During the 19th century, European residents began building upscale homes on the mountain in order to take advantage of the gorgeous views and to escape the heat and busy feel of the city. For many years, the only way these homes could be reached was by sedan chair. In 1888, the Peak Tram Funicular was completed, giving residents a more convenient way to reach their homes.

Today, riding the tram to the top of Victoria Peak is a popular activity for residents and visitors. Once at the top, riders are rewarded with stunning views of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor. Visitors can also take advantage of a series of nature trails and visit the Peak Tower. The wok-shaped Peak Tower offers visitors viewing terraces, shopping, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment venues.


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